Here are 4 reasons to come to Antigua Carnival this year

Known as the Caribbean’s Greatest Summer Festival, the Antiguan Carnival is a celebration of music and dance held annually from the end of July to the first Tuesday in August. It is a festival of colorful costumes, beauty pageants, talent shows, and especially good music. The nonstop revelry of the carnival includes innumerable smaller festivities, including local concerts, food fairs, parades, and cultural shows.

DOSE is an exclusive Antigua Carnival 4-events package, brought to you by us here at Top Shelf Events. The events are a combination of just the right quantity of - Fete. Music. Mas. Vibes - that we promise will create an unforgettable experience for everyone who attends. Each event is unique, affordable, and all are capped to ensure that attendees have optimal fun.

We are carnival and fete enthusiasts. A group of Antiguans, living on island and abroad, who’ve acquired the Top Shelf Events brand and are fusing our talents, skills and networks to create something dynamic. We’ve been working behind the scenes to align things to make DOSE as epic as possible. Our events are the 4 reasons you should come to Antigua Carnival:

  1. TEASE is a food and drinks inclusive, all-day  pool and beach party that takes place on the Monday after t-shirt mas and opening of Carnival. The perfect first stop when you touch down. Expect local and overseas DJs, and live performances, to keep the energy high from start to finish. Sexy swimwear is mandatory, and for those living on island, ducking work is strongly advised.

  2. RIPPLE is the Carnival Saturday cruise that is a food and drinks inclusive with hype music and even hyper patrons, as boats will sail to a secluded beach for a turnt-up party on the sand. Officially added to the Antigua Carnival fete schedule for 2019, Ripples is now a semi-private event with only a very limited number of tickets being made available publicly.

  3. LEMONADE is the sexy rooftop breakfast party happening on Carnival Sunday. It will be a mix of the high energy from pulsating soca music, and the explosion from rum-infused lemonade drinks, with the bursting flavours of the tastiest Antiguan cuisine. 

  4. JUICY is the first-time event that is the perfect Wednesday cooldown after a fun-packed Carnival weekend and two days of mas madness. For this cooler fete, we are taking you off-island to party. Pack your coolers and bring the good vibes with you as we bring the curtains down at the final DOSE event.

We have so many giveaways and surprises in store for you, including the reveal of the social media influencers that are booked for carnival and are coming to party at DOSE events. We are also assembling a signature DJ line-up. Our team of carnival chasers and bloggers will also be taking you with them on the road as they touch down at other regional carnivals before Antigua’s own.

This blog will be used to share all the happenings for Antigua Carnival including the band launches of costumes and t-shirt mas. We will be sharing with you flight deals and affordable accommodations, as well as info about other hype events and fetes that will be happening during Carnival.

So if you were still in limbo about whether to come to the Caribbean’s Greatest Summer Festival, we hope DOSE forces you to book your flight and come jam with us. But first, go purchase your DOSE tickets here. Remember our events are capped, which means we will be sold out early. Get on it asap, we wouldn’t want you to be caught outside the party ………… being a hater.


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